Kinley turned ONE!

February 5, 2018

I can’t believe how quickly a whole year can go by! I know everyone says it will fly once you have a baby…It couldn’t be more true, especially this year! I’ve been blessed to stay at home and be able to watch Kinley learn, explore and grow into her own big personality during this special time. It has been the most rewarding year of my life. She truly is one of a kind.

We celebrated Kinley turning one at home with a few friends and family! We didn’t go all out and have some big shindig. My Mom and Dad both flew in for the weekend to celebrate with us! I’m not normally one for lots of pink, sparkles and frills..My husband would testify to that 100%. For some reason though, I felt like doing a very sweet ‘girly’ birthday for her with a touch of greenery and floral. You only celebrate your first birthday ONE time.. so why not?

I was set on making her birthday cake this year(by no means am I a cake baker.. but It actually turned out pretty awesome for my first shot!)  She’s never really had much sugary foods, so I decided to make a banana bread layered cake and ordered the sweetest cake topper online. I found a few other items online to give her day some personal touches. overall I think everyone had a great time! Especially the birthday girl!

The best part, it was enjoyable! Kinley even got to see her little boyfriend Bowen!

what did you do for you kiddos big day?

I’ve added a few pictures of her special day, I hope you enjoy them!





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  1. Logan you did an outstanding job. It as done with simplicity and class. I was most impressed by your naked cake. The three layered banana bread cake was delicious as well as the peonies and the decoration of the one that made it perfect. So proud.

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